Future limelight for Netherlands DJ Pete Dash is beaming better than ever before with his unquestionably talented Tigers Milk EP ready to spread like wildfire across electronic music.
A contemporary and refreshing take is evident in his extensive shows track-lists and having featured several guests throughout, Pete has already established a well-respected podcast ‘Back to Jack House’ where the DJ has accustomed his unique and iconic vibe moulding virtually every genre into one cohesive work.
Be it an unreleased track, or golden classic, Pete Dash never fails to surprise his fans with his refreshing and contemporary take on his well respected podcast ‘Back to Jack’s House.
Now, the Dutch groover is back with his latest signature sounds in Tigers Milk EP. Pete has mustered up his house influences for two showstopper tracks ‘Tigers Milk‘ and ‘Bocca‘ out on King Of Drums Records.
Amounting to several solo and collaborative releases, Pete will certainly expand his mark and signature on the ever growing Dance industry. Recognized for his ability to create an immersive storytelling through a musical journey Pete has seen action on numerous stages over recent years, bringing you ‘our house and our house music’.


With releases on Staar Traxx, King of Drums, Get Get Down Records and Revuelta, the prince of edits is well known for his signature sound by which each releases is influenced by a sexy, groove crossover between tech and tribal house music delivering a selection of showstopper tracks. Being supported by one of the most respected artist in the scene, such as Tom Staar, Kryder but also David Guetta and Dannic, Pete’s refreshing take on a well establish sound is clearly evident.


Viral BPM

The Prince of edits Pete Dash releases his own tracks with ‘Tigers Milk’ EP on King of Drums Records..

We Rave You

Future limelight for Netherlands DJ Pete Dash is beaming better than ever before..



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